Despite the challenges of the Corona pandemic, the organizers of ILMAC LAUSANNE 2020 can look back on a successful fair. On 7 and 8 October, some 721 professional visitors came to Expo Beaulieu in Lausanne to learn about and discuss innovative products, systems and applications for the entire laboratory value chain in industry and research. ILMAC LAUSANNE was thus the first meeting point for the industry since the corona lockdown in March 2020 and offered to the SCS a platform to organize two Symposia and two workshops onsite.

For two days, 117 leading suppliers from the life sciences sector presented visitors, who came predominantly from Switzerland, with the latest developments and topics relating to laboratory technology, analytics and biotechnology. “While digitalization and automation are continually gaining importance in the life sciences sector, individual solutions are still required to tackle challenges in analytics and diagnosis”, explains Michael Bonenberger, Director of ILMAC LAUSANNE. “The high level of interest was reflected by the very high attendance figures for the symposia and workshops”, Bonenberger continued. The InnO2 for startups was a new feature this year. A total of ten young entrepreneurs presented their visions for the future viability of the industry.

SCS Symposia in the ILMAC Forum
On October 7 at 10.00h Andrea Sting from Syngenta opened the first onsite event of the SCS since February 2020 and chaired the symposium on the topic “Industry 4.0”. Four lectures and a panel discussions provided the lates findings in the field. Speakers of the Industry 4.0 Symposium: Juan-Luis Naveira, Syngenta, Jean-Luc Robyr, School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg, Sebastien Gonzalez, Vifor Pharma, Michel Barthe, Firmenich SA and Mikhaél Minisini, Apptitude SA. After lunch at 14.00h Hans Peter Lüthi, chair of the event, introduced the first speaker of the afternoon symposium. Speakers of the Industry 4.0 Symposium: Sebastian Schmitt, Novartis, Teodoro Laino, IBM Research Europe, Yves Lachavanne, Socorex Isba SA, Benedikt Wanner, Synple Chem AG, Björn Christensen, Metrohm International, Jason Meredith, Tecan and Christoph Jansen, Mettler-Toledo.


Céline Wittwer, SCS