International Conference on X-Ray Laser

The ICXRL was established to promote advanced extreme UV and X-ray sources, and their application in physics, (bio-)chemistry, and materials science. Joining ICXRL means experiencing the latest trends, and shaping the future progress. Latest results on state-of-the-art X-ray Free-Electron Lasers (XFEL) as well as tabletop systems are presented. 

The 2020 edition of the conference was organized by Dr. Davide Bleiner, Empa Dübendorf as an online conference on December 8-10, 2020.

ICXRL 2020 Conference Book online on SPIE. Digital Library

Lecturers from the ICXRL 2020 published a peer-reviewed paper on SPIE and the volume is now available online:


Front Matter: Volume 11886  (1)
Introduction  (1)
X-ray Lasers on a Tabletop: Past & Present  (4)
Advanced X-ray Lasers: from High-End Facility to Tabletop  (12)
Advances on X-ray Laser Optics & Methods  (8)
Laboratory X-ray Lasers: Present & Future Applications  (15)

Message from the ICXRL 2020 chair, David Bleiner: «After a few months from our conference, I am delighted to inform that the related book is available online as gold open access. It was a hard project, with an aggressive schedule and we all together made it. I thank all the authors and reviewers for the commitment, I really learned a lot reading the papers. I thank all our sponsors for supporting the project. I thank SPIE and in particular Joel Shields who worked 7 days a week and adjusted to incredible times to have ZOOM calls with me (Joel lives in Alaska, I am located in Switzerland). 
Feel free to promote and forward the link, since the access is open to everybody worldwide. In the next few days an HTML version should be available. With this, the 17thICXRL project is really completed. I hope to see you all (and more) in Shanghai in 2022 for the 18th ICXRL.»


David Spichiger, SCS