The EFMC is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 call for nominations for the title of Honorary Fellows.

EFMC Honorary Fellow is a life-long title aiming to recognize the individuals who have provided outstanding support to the EFMC and contributed in strengthening the position of medicinal chemistry, chemical biology or related fields in Europe.

Congratulations and thanks to:

  • Prof. Bernd Clement is worldwide recognized for his seminal and innovative contributions to medicinal chemistry, namely in fields of drug metabolism and prodrug chemistry. In addition to the impact on drug discovery and drug development, the committee also considered particularly relevant his contributions in strengthening the position of medicinal chemistry at European level. Prof. Clement has been always one of the most active members of EFMC, being a Council member since 2007 representing the Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry group of the German Pharmaceutical Society. He was the co-chair of the 22nd EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry in Berlin (2012), which was a great success. Prof. Clement also played a major role in medicinal chemistry within other major international societies.  
  • Ly and Edmond Differding were proposed for a joint nomination to the EFMC Honorary Fellowship. While this recognition is normally meant for single individuals, the committee felt that the contribution of Ly and Edmond Differding to EFMC, and to the advancement of medicinal chemistry in Europe, can hardly be separated.  Edmond Differding was EFMC secretary and vice-chair, contributing to the reorganization of the EFMC, and to the development of its new structure at a period that critically shaped the Federation. More recently, he was actively involved in the celebration of EFMC’s 50th anniversary, preparing two papers that review the scientific content of all EFMC-ISMC and the development of medicinal chemistry in Europe. Ly Differding plays a pivotal role in EFMC and in the organisation of the most important EFMC conferences. She actively participates in EFMC activities and not only guarantees operational support, but also provides constant advice and an historical perspective to the president, executive committee, and conference organizers. Her dedicated contributions to the success of EFMC and medicinal chemistry in Europe is unparalleled. Furthermore, Ly fully supported EFMC during the recent pandemic crisis, proactively looking for creative solutions and facilitating their implementation.  

In addition, the committee decided to consider for posthumous recognition: 

  • Prof. Wijbe Nauta (d. 1986) was one of the founding fathers of the EFMC. He was Secretary in the early years of EFMC, playing a key role in the internationalization of the first national organizations and promoting medicinal chemistry as an independent chemical discipline, especially characterised by its interdisciplinary nature. As member of the UPAC’s commission on medicinal chemistry, part of the Division of Organic Chemistry, Prof. Nauta promoted EFMC through his contributions to the IUPAC Medicinal Chemistry Newsletter. Importantly, he took the initiative to organize the fourth ISMC in1974. He also initiated the book series Pharmacochemistry Library (Elsevier), of which more than 35 volumes were published, being the first editor of this series. The EFMC Pharmacochemistry Award for medicinal chemistry and chemical biology carries his name. Prof. Nauta kept a large amount of documentation regarding the first years of the Federation, which are now in the archives of EFMC. 
  • Dr Emilio Kyburz (d. 2005) was very active in EFMC, as he was member of the executive committee in 1989, vice-chair in 1991-92, elected as chairman in 1995, secretary in 1997 and re-elected in this position in 1999. During this period, Dr. Kyburz put much emphasis on internationalisation of the medicinal chemistry developed in Europe, especially the expanding the interactions with the ACS. His well-curated archives, combined with those of Prof. Nauta, allowed EFMC to revisit its history for the first 30 years of existence.

The official ceremony will take place during the opening of the XXVI EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC-ISMC 2021), scheduled to take place from August 29-September 2, 2021.