Confirmed Speakers The Scientific Committee invited 27 Plenary Lecturers with an outstanding reputation in the field of Drug Discovery. A short biography and photo of each speaker is available on the website. Interested participants are invited to have a look at the list, to find out more on the internationally well-known speakers who will present their work at the upcoming RICT 2012. Dr Paola ARIMONDO (CNRS - PIERRE FABRE, Toulouse, France) Dr Yves P. AUBERSON (NOVARTIS INSTITUTE FOR BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH, Basel, Switzerland) Prof. Marc BLONDEL (INSERM, Brest, France) Dr Henning BOETTCHER (MERCK SERONO, Darmstadt, Germany) Dr Jose CID (JANSSEN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, Toledo, Spain) Dr Werngard CZECHTIZKY (SANOFI, Frankfurt am Main, Germany) Dr Didier DESMAËLE (UNIVERSITÉ PARIS SUD, Châtenay-Malabry, France) Prof. Karl GADEMANN (UNIVERSITY OF BASEL, Basel, Switzerland) Dr Carlos GARCIA-ECHEVERRIA (SANOFI, Vitry sur Seine, France) Prof. Christian HEINIS (ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE FEDERAL DE LAUSANNE (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland) Prof. Rod HUBBARD (UNIVERSITY OF YORK / VERNALIS, York, United Kingdom) Dr Stephan KELLENBERGER (UNIVERSITÉ DE LAUSANNE, Lausanne, Switzerland) Prof. Stefan KNAPP (OXFORD UNIVERSITY, Oxford, United Kingdom) Prof. Felix KRATZ (TUMOR BIOLOGY CENTER, Freiburg, Germany) Prof. Thierry LANGER (PRESTWICK CHEMICAL, Illkirch, France) Dr Paul W. MANLEY (NOVARTIS PHARMA, Basel, Switzerland) Dr Laurent MEIJER (MANROS THERAPEUTICS, Roscoff, France) - Charles Mentzer Prize Lecture Dr Olivier MIRGUET (GLAXOSMITHKLINE, Les Ulis, France) Dr Laurence MULARD (INSTITUT PASTEUR, Paris, France) Dr Emmanuel PINARD (F. HOFFMANN-LA ROCHE, Basel, Switzerland) Prof. Sylvain RAULT (UNIVERSITÉ DE CAEN, Caen, France) - Paul Ehrlich Prize Lecture Dr Jean-Paul RENAUD (NOVALIX, Illkirch, France) Dr Bernd RIEDL (BAYER PHARMA, Wuppertal, Germany) Dr Peter SENTER (SEATTLE GENETICS, Bothell, United States) Prof. Doron SHABAT (TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY, Tel Aviv, Israel) Dr Anne VALADE (UCB, Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium) Dr Mike WARING (ASTRAZENECA, Macclesfield, United Kingdom)