We currently offer a PhD position to develop fluorescent probes for single-molecule super-resolution imaging of messenger RNA. The project aims to use photophysical/photochemical concepts such as reversible photoswitching, photo-uncaging, multi-step photobleaching and single-molecule FRET in combination with intelligent design of oligonucleotides probes. These “intelligent probes” shall be applied to target systems of different complexity, ranging from DNA origami to eukaryotic cells.

Candidates are sought with a strong background in chemistry or biochemistry, and ideally with some experience in advanced microscopy techniques.

A second PhD position is available to study signaling processes in bacteria using single-molecule imaging and super-resolution techniques. The project aims to derive quantitative information on how proteins localize, move and interact in single E. coli cells.

For this opportunity we seek for candidates with a strong background in microbiology, and ideally some experience in advanced microscopy techniques.

Our interdisciplinary research group of chemists, biologists and physicists is located in the Chemistry Department, Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. We work at the interface between biology, chemistry and physics, further developing single-molecule and super-resolution techniques and applying these to different chemical and biological questions (additional details can be found at www.smb.uni-frankfurt.de).

To apply for either position or for further information please contact.

Prof. Dr. Mike Heilemann
Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
Johann Wolfgang Goethe University
Max-von-Laue-Str. 7
60438 Frankfurt, Germany


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