The twelve awardees of the IUPAC 2015 Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering have now been revealed. The awardees have been selected based on excellence in basic or applied research, distinguished accomplishments in teaching or education, or demonstrated leadership or managerial excellence in the chemical sciences. The Awards Committee has been particularly interested in nominees with a history of leadership and/or community service during their careers.

SCS especially contratulates Prof. Janet Hering, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology, Dübendorf, for receiving the award and is happy that the society could successfully support her in the application process.

Prof. Hering studied the occurrence and mobility of trace metals and other inorganic trace constituents in ambient waters and in treatment technologies for removing them from water.

The unifying theme of her research was that the same fundamental biogeochemical processes govern the behaviour of inorganic chemical species both in natural waters and in engineered water treatment systems. The research efforts in her group extend from molecular level spectroscopic investigations through bench-scale testing of treatment technologies to field studies of the fate and transport of inorganic chemicals in natural waters.

An Award ceremony will take place during the IUPAC World Chemistry Congress in Busan, Korea, on Tuesday, 11 August 2015 and coinciding with the symposium: Women in Chemistry: Gaining Momentum.

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external link ETH website of Prof. Janet Hering

external link Eawag website of Prof. Janet Hering



David Spichiger, SCS