First, the Basel mentees experienced an inspiring tour of the Novartis Campus, organized by Basel Tourismus. The tour focused on the history of Novartis, the design of the campus and the ideas behind the architecture. The tour ended in the Novartis Pavillon where we were able to listen to the mentors Dr. Tim Mollner and Dr. Claudio Meyer. Claudio and Tim presented their professions and we discussed general aspects of working at Novartis. After the interesting talk, we had time to take an interactive tour of the Novartis Pavillon. In the exhibition, the key questions of pharmaceutical companies and healthcare systems are discussed and explained very well.

This afternoon gave the mentees a great general insight into Novartis. Many thanks to the Novartis University Relations team for organising and coordinating the whole afternoon!

Picture source: Basel Tourismus

Titus Wuermeling, FHNW