171005 Icon Syngenta-Symposium3rd SCS-Syngenta Symposium, 
“Natural Products: an ongoing chemist’s success story”, 
October 5, 2017, 08.30-18.30h, Syngenta research campus in Stein

The Swiss Chemical Society and Syngenta are pleased to announce the 4th edition of a one-day symposium entitled “Natural Products: an ongoing chemist’s success story” on Thursday 5th October 2017. The focus will be on cutting-edge research in natural products and their roles in life science for success in chemical innovation. The journey will cover multiple topics from isolation to synthesis and production.

The highlight of the day will be three plenary lectures with Prof. Jon Clardy (Harvard University), Prof. Christian Hertweck (University of Jena), Prof. Scott Snyder (University of Chicago) as well as four invited lectures including Prof. Karl Gademann (University Zürich), Prof. Birger Lindberg Møller (University of Copenhagen), Prof. Jieping Zhu (EPFL Lausanne and Dr. Christophe Meyer (ESPCI Paris) and four industrial speakers. A poster session will round out the program over lunch time.

Attendance is limited to 200 participants and there are not seats available anymore. The registration is closed.

Flyer of the SCS-Syngenta Symposium 2017 (pdf)

Program, October 5, 2017

Session 1:
Chair: Dr. Alain De Mesmaeker, SCS President, Syngenta, Switzerland


Welcoming and opening remarks
Dr. Camilla Corsi, Syngenta, Switzerland


Plenary Lecture 1
Prof. Christian Hertweck, Leibniz Institute, Germany


Invited Lecture 1
Dr. Christophe Meyer, ESPCI, France


Invited Lecture 2
Dr. Mathilde Lachia, Syngenta, Switzerland


Coffee Break

Session 2:
Chair: Prof. E. Peter Kündig, University of Geneva


Invited Lecture 3
Dr. Carmen Cuevas, Pharmamar, Spain


Plenary Lecture 2
Prof. Jon Clardy, Harvard University, USA


Lunch and Poster session

Session 3:
Chair: Prof. Christian Bochet, University Fribourg


Invited Lecture 4
Prof. Karl Gademann, University of Zurich, Switzerland


Invited Lecture 5
Dr. Frank Petersen, Novartis, Switzerland


Invited Lecture 6
Prof. Jieping Zhu, EPF Lausanne, Switzerland


Invited Lecture 7
Prof. Birger Lindberg Møller, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Coffee Break

Session 4:
Chair: Dr. Jérôme Cassayre, Syngenta, Switzerland


Invited Lecture 8
Dr. Alec Birkbeck, Firmenich, Switzerland

16.50h  Plenary Lecture 3
Prof. Scott Snyder, University of Chicago, USA
17.35h Closing remarks
Dr. Gerardo Ramos, Syngenta, Switzerland
17.50h Aperitif


Dr. Sarah Sulzer
Syngenta Crop Protection Münchwilen AG
Research Chemistry 
CH-4332 Stein
Website: scg.ch/syngenta-symposium


David Spichiger, SCS