Materials Chemistry Network (MatChem)

The SCS Division of Material Chemistry promotes and supports the application of chemistry to the design, synthesis, characterization, processing, understanding, and utilization of materials, particularly those with useful, or potentially useful, physical properties.

Community News


The aims of the MatChem Division are

  • foster an international network of materials chemists and scientists working in related fields
  • facilitate contacts with leading experts in the field
  • organize symposia, seminars and advanced training courses
  • network and encourage the exchange of ideas

Main activities

  • organize the bi-annual MatChem Symposium.
  • co-organize the Swiss Soft Days 2-3 times a year.
  • promote and chair the MatChem sessions at the SCS Fall Meetings.
  • partner with the organizers of the relevant National events (such as Swiss Nano Convention, Swiss Battery Days, etc.).
  • collaborate with chemical societies in other countries, such as by organizing joint conferences.
  • provide education to community members, (e.g. with the bi-annual summer schools)
  • publish the CHIMIA column ‘Highlights in Material Chemistry’.
  • publish a special issue in CHIMIA ever 2-3 years.
  • inform the community via social media and through the MatChem newsletter