The call for nominations for the SCS Awards 2025 is open until September 30, 2024.
Please visit our Website for further details and hand in nominations electronically to

Werner Prize
CHF 10'000 and medal in bronze. Awarded to a promising young scientist for outstanding independent chemical research.

Sandmeyer Award
CHF 10'000 for individuals or CHF 20'000 for groups. Awarded to a person or to a group for outstanding work in industrial or applied chemistry.

SCS Industrial Science Awards
This program includes awards on three career levels with cash checks of CHF 7'000, 10'000 and 15’000. It honors active industrial scientists working in Switzerland for their outstanding contributions in industrial R&D.

Green & Sustainable Chemistry Award
CHF 10’000. Honors outstanding scientific discoveries that lay the foundation for environmentally friendly approaches and products. It is supported by Syngenta as founding partner and SusChem Switzerland as hosting institution.  

Grammaticakis-Neumann Award
CHF 5’000. The Prize is awarded to a promising young scientist for outstanding accomplishments in the field of experimental or theoreticalphotochemistry. 

Balmer Prize
CHF 2'000 for individuals and CHF 2'000 for the school’s chemistry department or CHF 3'000 for a group and CHF 1'000 for the school’s chemistry department. Awarded to a teacher working in Switzerland at high school (gymnasium) level for innovation in chemistry teaching.

Dr. Max Lüthi Award
CHF 1'000 and medal in bronze. Presented for an outstanding diploma thesis in Chemistry conducted at a Swiss University of Applied Sciences.

Simon-Widmer Award
CHF 5’000. Honors distinguished scientists for their contribution to analytical science and the education of analytical scientists.

CHF 5’000. Honors outstanding contribution to the field of metrology in chemistry and/or biology.

Cancer Drug Discovery Research Award
CHF 10'000 in total for 2-4 winners. The award (supported by RGCC International) honors outstanding scientific achievements of MSc, PhD students or Postdocs from Switzerland that are working in the field of cancer drug discovery research.

DIAC Fellowship
CHF 1'000 and lecture tour in Switzerland. The distinction is granted to distinguished scientists from Industry for significant contributions and innovations over many years in the field of industrial chemistry and chemical process technology in Switzerland.


Céline Wittwer, SCS